The Descendant Saga


-The Descendant Saga-


The return of The Descendant
The relaunch of the series beginning with the new book Altar of Scales.
After the stumbling release of the first book in the series, we are relaunching the series with a second edition of the first book, now titled Altar of Scales. Which is a couple of drafts removed from the first edition of The Descendant which has not only been refined, but now has several chapters of new content, hence the tittle change for this new and improved second edition. The new content has been edited an Altar of Scales is ready to go on the market, I will begin querying agents with the fresh new manuscript.

The young man ZostaMax has lost his role models and been estranged from the community of Lingrad. Being exiled for not willingly accepting things at face value. When despite his best efforts, the blame and misfortune of events beyond his control are put on his shoulders, ZostaMax is exiled from Lingrad, the only home he has ever known. He is more alone than ever as he tries to survive by his wits in the harsh desert’s sand. ZostaMax may not be as alone out there as he thought he was. Will he survive, or will the native wild life consume him? Will he subscribe to the very faith he had questioned so strongly to cause his exile? Will he avenge the deaths of his father and brother? Will he save the only person he called a friend? The opening act of The Descendant saga, Altar of Scales, is filled with confusion, discovery, growth, revenge, optimism and the endless possibilities of his ancestors’ fate.

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I am Chace Randolph author of The Descendant Saga. I believe that one of the things that helps the authenticity of my writing is the adventures I’ve had in real life. I used my personal experiences ranging from crawling around in caves, hiking up mountains in the desert to working on all types of vehicles, everything from motorcycles and race cars to 747’s as fuel for what I write. My goal is to write compelling and realistic action-filled science fiction thrillers. For news, thoughts, and lore about my writing please visit my blog which is part of my author page at

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